You’re welcome!

I understand what you mean. There are days when I’m not satisfied with what I write. When that happens, I typically don’t send to my publisher. Most times they agree with me and don’t request to publish it, but sometimes they want to publish anyway. I normally accept, just to see if my intuition was right about my story not being that good.

Your article didn’t feel like you were attacking anyone’s authenticity. At least not in my mind. It was a genuine counter-opinion on a popular approach here on Medium and I command you for challenging it. That approach has worked well for me and my readers, but I realize it’s the not norm and not everyone should be doing that.

My friend Zdravko writes top stories once in a while. Not every day. His productivity advice is some of the best out there. He understands the principle of quality over quantity.

A lot of the top writers here have good high-quality daily content. Again, the lessons are all the same, but the stories are different.

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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