That’s a good question. I haven’t touched on that in the story to keep it as short as possible.

We are happily married still.

Her missions are 6 months long with a week-long break in between. We’ve been reunited since February 14th. We’re going to be spending about 6 months together again before she leaves on her next mission.

The hardest part is that, like I mention in my story, it’s hard to relate on our experiences since we lived very different things. Getting back in sync on everything is not instantaneous, but we’ve got time. We’re a very strong couple. A lot of couples break up in such circumstances.

I should also note that we’ve been together for almost 14 years (I’m 31 years old), so we have shared so much together already. It makes it much easier to stay strong. 6 months is nothing when compared to the 14 years we’ve been together.

It’s not something I would recommend to new couples. It’s hard. Really hard. We both coped with it because we’re both workaholics and always keep ourselves busy.

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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