Thanks for the compliments Rick Veronese.

Yeah Covey’s great!

What’s the best way to find that balance for you?

What do you mean by balance between learning and practice? Technically speaking, you learn BY practice, so I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Do you mean theory VS practice? If I judge from my own experience, the average would be about 25–30% theory and 70–75% practice. Thought that very highly depends on the skill. Learning to Learn is mostly theory, whereas bodybuilding for an ectomorph was 90-95% practice. In general, the more practice the better. That’s when the brain creates the connections.

How do you recognise if you’re just being addicted to task completion or doing something that’s really important to you?

I’d argue that you should think of both at the same time and not distinctively. Basically, get addicted to things that are really important for you. As for knowing when it’s time to move one to something else, I touched on that subject in one of my latest pieces:

Does that answer properly?

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