Thanks for the compliments Cody!

Depends on the country I’m going to. I love co-working/co-living. I’ve been to AngkorHub in Siem Reap twice. The owner is now a good friend of mine. In Spain, I stayed at a Airbnb for a little over a week and extended outside Airbnb for 3 months. Hosts like to do that during low season. I don’t like to do hotels long term.

I tend to pick cheap places with nice weather and access to all types of cuisines. Thailand and Cambodia are both great places. Depending on where you come from, Spain can be considered quite cheap. I strongly recommend The Living Room. My friend at Follow Alice is starting a really nice co-working/co-living space in Marrakesh too.

For wifi connection, don’t trust the hosts. Ask them to run a Speedtest and give you the results. Don’t settle for anything less than 5 mb/s up&down. I consider that very slow myself. All coworking spaces have great wifi.

Hope that helps!

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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