Thanks for the comment Michael. That’s a tough one for me to answer. If you mean exposing a physical weakness, like being scrawny, I actually see it all the time at the gym.

Where I am in Spain currently, the only people who tend to wake up as early as me are people about your age. I always go to the gym at the same time as them. There’s at least 3 of them I can think of who are, like you and I, pretty scrawny. They all wear shorts and a regular t-shirt.

By going together, I can feel their shame going out the window. They are there for a purpose. And the show up, consistently. These men are legend. They work out at least as hard as I do. That inspires me greatly.

So I guess I would start by finding out where and when people in a similar condition work out. I would gradually start talking to them. There’s so much power in a group with a common goal. And exposing your weakness once makes it much easier for the next time. And then you build momentum.

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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