Thanks for sharing Talha. I’m with you on that one as well. Back in December, I studied public speaking and story-telling by reading books, watching youtube videos and TED talks. I took notes, practiced in the mirror and recorded myself. But I had not done it in front of an audience until last Friday. I was really nervous. I peed 4 times one hour before the presentation! But it went quite well. I’m happy with the results of my study. Jake Lord, who also commented here, also has great tips. Managing Oneself is a good book. Toastmasters is a great way to get better. I should be doing my first one next month. Most countries have at least one session a month in English. I’m in Spain currently, so I can only go to that one session. My Spanish is definitely not yet at public speech quality!

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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