Thanks Bradley Allen!

Great question.

First off, and you know that but others may not, you want to write for a publication, if simply for piggy backing on the publication’s followers. Publications also tend to promote your stories on social media and to their newsletter. There’s no good reason not to at least try to reach out to some of them. Use Smedian, by Lincoln W Daniel.

As for the size, I guess it depends on the desired outcome. There’s a dramatic difference in the views you’ll get publishing to a big publication over a small publication. There’s also a higher chance of Medium featuring it. Bigger publications won’t make as big an effort to promote your stuff when compared to a smaller publication. Overall, my stats are best when I publish in The Startup and The Writing Cooperative. TWC also has a nice Slack channel that’s quite active.

You are correct that articles stay on the front page longer in small publications. In the Startup and TWC, they get washed away less then 24 hours after it has been published.

Writing for a small publication, you make deeper connections with the person/people running it. You feel less like you’re just a number. It’s like you’re part of a growing community with everyone having the same purpose: write quality content with the publication’s mission.

And hmm, shameless plug: I accidentally created the Epic Quotes publication this week when I couldn’t figure out where to most my insightful quotes-based posts. If you ever write stories with quotes helping support your message, send it my way!

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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