Robert Kiyosaki — Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad — Reflects on 20 Years of Evolution in Finance

His lessons stood the test of time

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Savers remain losers

“Today, interest rates in many countries are below zero, which is why savers are losers.”

Country debt is only increasing

“At press time, [USA’s debt] is nearing $20 trillion. That’s trillion…with a T.”

Decisiveness isn’t an option

“The faster you can make a decision the more likely you’ll be able to seize opportunities — before someone else does.”

Schools are still wrong about the way they teach

“Edgar Dale and his Cone of Learning tell us that reading and lecture are the least effective ways to learn. And yet we all know how most schools teach: reading and lecture.”

College is less relevant every day

“No longer does a college education guarantee a job.”

You are in control

“If things must change, first I must change.”

High-paying jobs won’t make you rich

“High-paying jobs mean two things: you’re working for money and the taxes you pay will probably increase.”

Money is the biggest source of fear

“It’s been reported that the #1 fear is tied to money.”

Emotional control is critical

“When emotion goes up, intelligence goes down.”

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