Recognize and Thank People Who Inspire You

Happiness Follows Gratefulness

Danny Forest
4 min readAug 10, 2022


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How many people around you inspire you?

How many people in your life have inspired you?

Do you even think about that?

Have you ever thanked them?

I originally started off writing a completely different story about a co-worker who really inspires me, until I realized I never thanked her for what she inspires me for. Then my brain branched off to other co-workers who inspire me in the their own way and realized than so many people inspire me, yet I haven’t really expressed any gratitude to them. Yet.

Take a minute and think about it for a moment.

You’ll see it takes no time to realize things other people do that inspire you. And it doesn’t have to be people you know really well either. Heck, it could even be someone you hate! You don’t have to agree with everything they do.

Recognize and Thank Your Family

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You rarely give much thought about recognizing your family because you take them for granted. When you take the time to think about the things they do, you’ll realize how much they’ve influenced your life decisions.

My mom is an incredible person. She raised me and my 3 brothers by herself. My father left when she was pregnant with my younger brother. She was left with nothing. We obviously grew up poor, but my mom made sure we always had food and lodging. She did everything she could to earn enough money while making sure she had time to spend with us. I’ve learned my perseverance and hard work from her and will always thank her for that.

My wife is a gift to everyone. When she’s not organizing vaccination camps across the poorest countries in the world with Médecins Sans Frontières, she’s raising hygiene awareness through Sundara, an NGO that recycles hotel soaps and re-distributes to communities in need around the world. How can I not be inspired by her?

No one has a perfect family, but everyone can find things some family members…



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