In 2023, It’s Time to Rethink Your Possibilities

If this year isn’t what you want it to be, make it be

Danny Forest


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I started going back to the coworking space this week for the first time this year. Even though it has only been about four months, you could tell something changed.

Some people had lost their jobs, others closed the companies. Those doing freelance work have hardly any clients anymore.

When asking around about people’s situation, it’s not super positive. Even those who are positive are not really in a good position.

Even myself, I’m thinking of closing two of my companies that have stagnated since the pandemic.

Have you noticed similar things around you?

Now, I’m not a big fan of negative content, so let’s flip this around, shall we?

I’m currently watching a TV show called “The Big Door Prize” on Apple TV. I’ll simplify the premise for you:

In a small town in rural America, a general store mysteriously acquired a machine that tells people their life potential. Basically, what they should aspire to become.

Most people take it way too seriously and drop everything to reach what the machine told them to.

They take it as a sign for the universe that it is what they must do. And somehow they trust it enough to got for it.

Now, what does this all have to do with people losing work and becoming more negative about their future?

Well, how about instead of being negative about our situation, we looked for our potentials?

In our daily lives, we often forget to look ahead. Now’s the time. When the universe is telling you it’s time to change, you listen to it.

I remember when I was learning three new skills every month from October 2017 to October 2020. The basic idea was simple: what could I learn more easily than others and what do I enjoy doing.

Over the course of those three years, discovered many passions and talents, ranging from writing to dancing to photography.

If I had not dared to try and fail, I would never have known I could like those and even become good at them.



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