Dave Schools, I can totally relate to all that.

Truth be told, I never really liked talking about myself much, but it made me relatable. In “my real life”, I don’t really open up, or at least, I don’t like to but sometimes people ask questions.

That curve you drew is the same for me. I’m at a few loops of it now.

There are many times I thought about quitting, but as most things with me, if I don’t say it out loud to others, I won’t do it. Turns out it was worth continuing.

I partly wrote about that yesterday:

Here’s an excerpt:

By not giving up, I became top #2 in Education and Inspiration, top #4 in Entrepreneurship, etc. I had the top #3 earning article on Medium last month. I met other incredible writers and expanded my network.

Written by

dannyforest.com <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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