Hmm… I was actually referring to an online course he’s teaching, but I can’t find a link to it. I got the link by email when I pre-ordered his book. I’m assuming this is the post you are talking about:

Everything in that article is gold.

I took his advice and do it on paper. Being a software engineer, I had not taken pen&paper for a really long time. It’s amazing because I can do it anywhere and any time I want. I walk with it. If I get ideas, I just stop and write it. And I can write in it from places I’m inspired, like at the beach. I actually journaled for 2 hours at the beach on the first day.

I personally write about anything and everything. I have not tried gratitude. I do that in person: View story.

I don’t write much about the little things I do every day. I write more about my aspirations, my why and my how. Big emphasis on the why and the how. And I can go deep. Benjamin says to go 7 layers deep of why. It’s not as easy as it sounds. For my sanity, I don’t always go 7 layers deep. Try it and you’ll understand why I think.

Anyway, looks like I have more to write on this topic! I’ll save some notes on that and potentially write on the topic after I’ve done it a little longer.

Hope that helps a little!

Written by <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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