Here’s Why You Need a Connecting Habit

You really only need one good habit to change everything

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From January 2018 to December 2020, I wrote daily in the morning. I went from being a hobbyist to a professional writer, writing over 700 stories and 4 books along the way. When things started getting too serious, I completely withdrew from the profession.




Just freaking do it, consistently over time => life will be good

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Danny Forest

Danny Forest

Just freaking do it, consistently over time => life will be good

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There are three outcomes by improving the quality of your contribution. First, it improves your psychology. It uplifts your immediate society and spreads to others worldwide. The more thoughtful our actions are in life, they will be uplifted by that very same thing that made them feel good about themselves or their surroundings (quality). As this occurs, it spreads like wildfire across all boundaries until everyone benefits from what was started originally!