Do People Think You Are Crazy?

You are On The Right Track!

Danny Forest
3 min readSep 5, 2022


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People thought I was crazy when:

  • I left my stable job working for the government;
  • I bought a condo as a poor student;
  • I dropped out of university to start my own business;
  • I decided to gain 6kg of mass in one month;
  • I left Canada to travel the world for a year;
  • I left another awesome high-paying job to become a nomad;
  • I applied for a grant competing against big names in the video game industry;
  • I decided to write one article a day on Medium or Quora.

You get the point.

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences when people thought you were doing something crazy. Something that’s out of the norms of the society we live in. Something they thought you would fail because the odds were against you.

Sometimes you gave in, sometimes you persevered.

Which times do you regret the most? I’m willing to bet it’s the times you listened to them and gave in.

Of the things above that people said I was crazy for, I succeed at all of them.

Every time I “quit” something, I got something better in return.

The condo I bought, I sold for 28% more than what I paid for, after one year only.

I started four companies. Some were “successful”, some “failed”. The lessons I learned from both made me a better person and a better entrepreneur.

Not only did I gain 6.9kg of mass, I lost 3% body fat. I did that again another month.

Traveling the world for a year changed me in so many good ways. I always considered myself an introvert. That’s definitely not how people see me today. I’m not afraid to approach people anymore. I’m more confident and I’m more proficient at speaking. In multiple languages now. And I used to be a much pickier eater. Now I eat many more things.

The grant I applied for, I got it two years in row, beating some of the best Canadian video game studios. My studio has no track record, and I was competing against much larger and successful game studios.



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