Absolutely! Thanks for asking Anastasia Shch.

Here are a few of them:

  • Creative: Line Art and Coloring using Photoshop (I had this mental block that as a software engineer, there is no way I could ever draw. I wanted this first experiment to prove me wrong. It did.)
  • Language: Spanish vocabulary for the work place
  • Logic: Classification using Machine Learning
  • Physical: Gaining mass as an ectomorph (I had never been able to put on weight. I wanted to change that. In January, when I practiced this, I gained 12 pounds of muscles and lost 3% body fat)
  • Health: Health nutrition for maximum muscle regeneration
  • Best storytelling practices
  • Language?: Public Speaking best practices
  • Non-fiction writing (I wrote one story per day in January, accidentally got published by The Startup and became top writer in 7 categories in 23 days. I couldn’t stop practicing that skill. I make most of my money writing now)
  • Creative: Fiction writing (I practiced on my game, Soul Reaper, and my late online store: Viking Boutique.com)
  • Dropshipping and the art of selling physical goods for a niche (see VikingBoutique above)
  • Language: Basics of Danish & Norwegian language
  • Language: Basics of Tagalog
  • Logic: Learning to Learn
  • Creative: Video production for Personal Branding
  • Creative: Video post-production using DaVinci Resolve (current month)
  • Creative: Video game trailer creation (learn the theories + make a short trailer every other day)
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook for Video Games
  • Physical: Executing effective serves at Tennis
  • Physical: Understanding bouldering (rock climbing) movements and rock types
  • Creative: Photo editing using Lightroom
  • Logic?: Making Kickstarter projects that work
  • Mental Health: Daily Journaling
  • Mental Health: Basics of meditation (this was probably one of the most difficult one for me to learn)

Hope that gives a good idea of what can be learned to effective levels in 20 hours or less!

I’ll re-iterate that Learning to Learn should be the first skill anyone learns or masters. Looking back, I wish I had started with that.

Happy skill learning!

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dannyforest.com <- my new home. I don’t write on Medium anymore.

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