5 Concrete Ways to Write More In Less Time

You can greatly increase your output using these

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As a full-time writer, I always try to come up with new ways to be more productive with my writing. In this article, I’m showing you some of my favourite ways to be a more effective writer.

1. Use Text Expander or a similar tool

Text Expander is a simple tool that allows you to type a “command”, and when you press a single key, it expands to a full-blown text. Here’s an example from their website:

Step 1. Type your command
Step 2. Press tab to expand

We very frequently re-type the same snippets of text, whether we realize it or not. If you catch yourself re-typing the same thing over and over again, it’s a good sign you might want to use a tool like Text Expander.

On Mac, you can also use the built-in auto-corrector to achieve a similar result. Here’s an example:

If I type loremipsum + “return”, it expands to this:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus blandit condimentum aliquam[…]”

In your articles, you can use shortcuts like that to expand on long words or sentences you reuse all the time. The more you use the shortcuts, the more second nature they’ll be to you.

2. Use an app that doesn’t let you edit

I recently came across Ilys and really liked the concept. If you’re like me, as you write, you can’t help but go back to correct things in your draft while writing. Ilys doesn’t let you do that. You simply cannot edit anything while you write. You can only move forward. You don’t even see your text anyway.

For the first step, it asks you how many words you want to type. Then you press “GO!”



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