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San Anton, Spain

15 Things You Should Think About If You Want To Be Successful

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1. Disappointment

What are you disappointed about?

2. Persistence

What are you persistent in and what are you not persistent in?

3. Hard Work

How do you work hard?

4. Huge Risks

What huge risks are you taking?

5. Late Nights

How many hours a week do you put towards your productive activities?

6. Struggles

What do you struggle with?

7. Competition

What do you compete in and where do you stand in that competition?

8. Discipline

Do you quantify and qualify your goals?

9. Courage

Do you strength in the face of pain?

10. Doubt

Do you doubt yourself?

Do you doubt the things you’re doing?

11. Criticism

Do you get criticism for things you do?

12. Personal Failures

Where have you failed in your personal life?

13. Adversity

What adversity do you face?

14. Rejections

How many times were your ideas rejected?

What’s your biggest rejection?

15. Sacrifices

What sacrifices are you making?


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